Why Sport Is Good For Your Children’s Social Development

We are constantly told how important sport is for our kids’ physical health. Hundreds of thousands has been poured into raising awareness of an active lifestyle and healthy eating. This is all great. Exercise is a necessary part of your child’s physical well being. Without sport, they will face serious health issues, such as obesity. Without a proper exercise regime, they will also grow physically weak. However, the physical aspects of exercise aren’t the only positive part of sports for your children. Sport also teaches them so much more about themselves and others. It is important for their mental development too. This is often left unmentioned or disregarded. So here’s how sport can help your children’s social development.

Team Sport

Team sports require clear, honest communication. For a team to succeed, everyone must be heard. Everyone will have to be flexible and accept what is best for the team, not necessarily their own ego. There also has to be good communication among members when coming up with strategies to succeed. These skills will benefit your child within the team. It will see the team prosper and them win matches and maybe even leagues. But this positive, effective communication will spread to other areas of your child’s life. They’ll be able to talk to their teachers, their siblings and others with a sense of respect and confidence.


A sense of competition among children is positive. But this doesn’t mean petty quarrelling between siblings. Competition is most beneficial when your child displays their best talents and good performance. Sports aren’t easy. To win you have to be inspired, confident in yourself and willing to work for the results at the end. If there aren’t regular competitions in your local, you can set up your own for children in the local vicinity. You can purchase good quality trophies and awards from sites such as http://www.premiertrophies.co.uk/golf-trophies.html. This will create a social event for your children and others’ to attend. It will also give all participants something to take home and show off.


Kids don’t always have a lot to talk about. But having a hobby is good for them. Showing a keen interest in something and rejoicing in telling others about it will see your child’s popularity and self-confidence soar. Having a passion for a sport can be the start of a whole host of passions in your child’s life. The more areas and activities they explore, the better their view of the world will be. A deep investment in something is essential to happiness later in life. Give them a kick-start by helping them find a true passion from an early age.

Be proud of your child’s achievements. However, it is important to not be too pushy. Don’t expect your child to win everything they enter. Tell them how good it is to participate at all. Pushy parents can actually damage their child’s social development and self esteem. If you are harsh on your child’s achievements or dismiss something that seems important to them, then they will lose self confidence. They will be less willing to talk. They will be less invested in their achievements in sport and other areas of their life.