Review – Trespass Everyday Women’s Waterproof Jacket

I hate being cold.

I HATE it.  I don’t function very well if the weather outside is below 15 degrees – which means for 9 months out of the year I look like a toy that needs winding up.  I shrink into myself, wear layers and layers of clothing and sometimes go a whole day at work without taking my coat off.

Luckily for me, Trespass recently got in touch to ask if I would like to try and review anything from their online collection.

Erm. Yes!

I didn’t falter for a second.  Clicking straight onto the female coat section, I browsed and very quickly found something that I liked the look of.

Bearing in mind that my Other Half goes skiing with his school next week, he didn’t even get a look in.

“I’d love a new coat to put to the test on the slopes in Austria,” he said.

“No way!  My classroom is colder than Austria,” I said. “I’ll be reviewing the coat.”

The coat I chose was the Every Day Womens Coat in Navy (it also comes in grey) and at the moment it is half price at £69.99.

Review – Trespass Everyday Women’s Waterproof Jacket

Admittedly, I chose style and colour over whether it was durable in a storm, because the plan would be to wear it as a winter jacket over jeans and Uggs and not, alas, at the top of a mountain in Austria.

The jacket arrived on Tuesday evening and I have worn it every day since.  I modelled it in the English Work room at school, I bragged about it to my Year 10 form during a fire alarm drill.  Bless them, they were standing in line freezing, having been rushed from their lessons when I strolled up to them, pulled up my faux fur lined hood and casually took a register feeling as snug as a bug in a rug.

“Ere Miss, lend us yer jacket!” one boy shouted.

Feeling smug that I had managed to grab the jacket on the way out, I politely declined and continued checking that they were all present, correct and, most importantly, safe.

When the jacket arrived, my first thought was that the Internet picture did not do it justice. It was lovely and fit me perfectly.   Being 5ft 8in and a size 12, I chose a medium jacket and it fits like a glove.  The jacket comes with a faux fur lined hood, which I love, but if fur isn’t your thing – then you can easily remove it by simply undoing a button on the top.  The tweed pattern on the outside layer of the coat makes it look extremely neat and smart and not what you would expect from your usual waterproofs.  It is both waterproof and wind proof and with Storm Gertrude blasting at us this week, I certainly felt protected from the recent harsh gales that come charging over the fields outside our house.  In addition, I love the purple lining because it is my favourite colour and contrasts perfectly with the navy.

I have had a number of people compliment the coat – even the Other Half!  I wore it to work on Thursday with black trousers and heels and he told me ‘I looked nice’!  For anyone who knows him – that’s a compliment so I politely thanked him and gave a twirl!  The jacket is easy to dress up and wear casually.  Take today for example, I teamed it with a checked shirt, jeans and leather Uggs and went out to…a kids’ party.  While my daughter played happily with her school friends, I sat quietly in a corner party and marked books…with the jacket on! (Because I was cold – not because I am getting a little too attached…)

So all in all, I am pretty chuffed with Trespass, so thank you so much for offering me such a fantastic jacket to review.  I imagine come next Thursday night when the Other Half packs for Austria, he’ll be trying to sneak it into his suit case.  It’s just a pity that he is not a size 12 or a woman!