How Do You Preserve Baby Clothes?

Parenting is a significant task. It is going to amazing and difficult. Congratulations on becoming a new parent. It is a journey filled with tons of laughter, happiness, and sweet kisses. Setting up your child’s nursery is very important. Choosing the best storage for baby’s clothes is vital.

Taking up this responsible and fun-filled parenthood, you need to concentrate on a few things in mind. Parenthood is a pure blessing and you need to provide the best in every way. There are newborn checklists that you need to buy with a certain consideration.

Newborn checklist

We give the major newborn essentials below:

  • Cleaning & bathing
  • Diapering
  • Clothing
  • Bedding


When you choose clothes for your little ones, pick out with size and fabric. Make sure you provide comfortable clothing for your babies. There are different clothes for your kids in the market. It is purely your choice to choose the right ones for your baby.

How Do You Preserve Baby Clothes

Clothing checklist

Swaddles clothes: Every mom swaddle up their child for the first few weeks after childbirth. Swaddling is easy for feeding mothers. You can also use small blankets as an alternative option for swaddling your baby.

Sleepsuits: About 60 percent of time gets consumed for sleeping in infanthood. Sleepsuits are the best option for brief naps. Whatever sleepwear you choose, you probably want a design that covers your baby’s foot. Some pajamas also have this feature, so you can pair it up with tops.

T-shirts: You can dress up your child with pants or mini-skirts during day time. T-shirts are the best combination of them.

Jackets: During winter, you will need jackets to keep your little ones warm. Cardigans and jackets are comfortable and easier to take off when compared to pullover sweaters and zip sweaters.

Mittens: Mittens are often rarely used by parents. They are the best solution for winter clothing.

Knit hat: This will protect during autumn fall to keep your baby’s head warm.

Occasional outfit: Buy two pairs of fancy clothes for functions. Don’t waste too much money on special outfits as babies grow faster.

Maintaining your baby’s clothes and blankets for a long time is difficult. But by preserving the clothes properly, you can also use it for the next generation. Imagine your child’s joy or an embarrassing moment when you show their clothes to their spouses. The best storage for baby’s clothes is baskets, bookshelves, and closet.

How Do You Preserve Baby Clothes

Storage containers

Tubs: Plastic tubs with lids are the best storage for baby’s clothes. Dry out the tubs thoroughly before storing them. Remember, moisture is your enemy. Don’t expose it to sunlight as sun rays may fade your clothes. They are portable.

Cardboard boxes: Parents often choose cardboard boxes to store clothes for a long time. But they need special care. You should keep cardboard boxes in a dry and low humid area. So they are not worse with moisture. Though Cardboard boxes are not very much guaranteed. But they are easy to label, stack, and move around.

Empty drawers: Parents can make use of empty drawers in their wardrobes to store baby’s cloth. The best storage for baby clothes is spare drawers of your dresser.

Shoe organizer: Make use of your shoe organizers to store your infant’s clothes. You can store large clothes in a hanging shoe organizer. This method is applicable only for clothes that cannot be stored in drawers and boxes.

Shopping bags: A shopping bag is a paper or plastic bag provided by a store to customers for carrying away purchases. They are reusable. Paper bags are the best storage for baby’s clothes. They are practical and vacuum-packed. Vacuum-packed bags gets protected from moisture and require a small space for storage. But it may wrinkle the clothes when you open.

Ways to preserve your baby’s clothes

  • Use cedar woods or mothballs in the storage area as their odor is a danger for insects. Cover all the clothes with a towel and place them on the top. So that mothballs or cedar woods don’t cause any dirt to the clothes.
  • The best storage area for baby clothes is a dry and dark place. Cold places may develop mold and bright areas cause clothes to fade.
  • Choose an interior room away from high temperatures to prevent damage to your baby’s clothes. The top of the closet and under-bed is the best storage for baby’s clothes.
  • Checking on baby’s clothes every three months is a must-do. So you can know the condition of clothes.

How Do You Preserve Baby Clothes

How to decide on clothes for storage?

Make sure the baby’s clothes are stain-free when you preserve them. Thoroughly check all your baby’s clothes before packing them for storage and dispose of if any dresses are in the worst condition and overly worn.

Storage of clothes that have not got cleaned properly is a tragedy. Specifically, bugs would enjoy food-stained clothes. Bugs eat the food completely, nest in it, and develop droppings all over it.

Rats, mice, or insects are the greatest enemies for clothes. They will come either to eat the food stains or the bugs as you safeguard clothes in the garage or storage unit, where people don’t come often.

Parents must wash the clothes according to the instructions on the label of the clothes. It is safe to hand wash and dry if they don’t give any specific details on the labels.

The clothes may get wrinkled over the years, so it is better to iron before taking them away for storage. A bacterium gets attracted to scented garments. It is best if you avoid perfumes on the baby’s clothes.

Remove metal buttons and store them safely in an air-tight container or wrap them in a fresh tissue paper. You can re-attach them. Metal buttons cause rusting and leave a stain on the baby’s clothes.

Categorize your baby’s clothes according to different factors. Arrange your baby’s clothes by size or season. So it will be easy to pick.

How Do You Preserve Baby Clothes (5)

How can you keep the clothes clean for a long time?

  • Before taking your baby’s clothes for storage, ensure that they are stain-free. Pay separate attention to stained clothes. If you find any stain, treat them immediately. Keeping stains for a longer time on fabric may be difficult for you to make it stain-free.
  • Oxygen bleach is the best solution for stained clothes. It is a powdery substance. The release of oxygen takes place by the activation of water in them. They have a great tendency for cleaning.
  • Undoubtedly, you can use oxygen bleach as they are not corrosive, toxic like chlorine bleaches. They are safe to use on white and colored clothes. They are suitable for all the materials except silk and wool. Read the package instructions thoroughly and proceed as per the guidelines.
  • Choose a professional place for ‘dry-clean only’


Clothing storage has certain complications, but they are going to be a wonderful experience at the end. It is alright to make mistakes as a new parent. Sometimes the common mistakes may cause loss of money and waste of time. Proper cleaning and packaging of your baby’s clothing will increase the life span of them. Dry, less humid, and dark places are the best storage for baby’s clothes. Enjoy parenthood.