A Mum’s Guide To Keeping Your Little Ones Healthy This Winter

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With the onset of winter on the way, soon enough it will be flu season. This means as well as the risk of flu; there will also be lots of coughs, colds, and other nasty illnesses flying around. As parents, the last thing we want is our children to become unwell, as then we worry about them. So it makes sense to do whatever we can to keep them healthy this winter, to help prevent them from getting ill. To help you to do that, below are some tips and suggestions to take on board and try.

Build up their immune systems


One of the best things that you can do to prevent your children from getting sick this winter is build up their immune systems. The stronger your children’s immune systems are, the less likely they are to get sick. This is because kids with strong immune systems are able to fight off the majority of illnesses. To give your children’s immune systems a boost, it’s important to ensure that you’re giving them lots of healthy wholesome foods. The foods that contain the most vitamins and nutrients are fruits and vegetables, so make sure that they are getting their five a day. It could also be worth giving them a multivitamin each day, to help give their immune systems an extra boost.  

Take them for regular medical checkups


A lot of parents make the mistake of thinking that medical checkups are only for when kids are unwell. However, that’s not the case. A medical checkup allows your children to be checked over by a doctor, to ensure that they’re healthy. As well as checking them over to ensure that they’re healthy, checkups are good because they get children used to visiting the doctor. Say, for instance, your child became unwell and needed pediatric immediate care. The chances are that they would probably be more comfortable with seeing a doctor if they’d had various checkups in the past. Whereas, children who’ve not had checkups, are often scared of a trip to the doctor’s office.

Keep them warm

child-1058284_960_720 It might be a myth that getting cold gives you a cold, but getting cold isn’t good for your children. When our bodies get too cold, sometimes we can then become more prone to becoming unwell. This is because the cold impacts our immune system and somehow makes us more prone to catching certain things. The cold can also cause serious conditions like pneumonia and hyperthermia. So if you want to keep your kids healthy this winter, it’s important to keep them nice and warm. This means dressing them appropriately for the weather. Making sure your home is heated properly, and also making sure that they wear their coats when out and about.
As parents, we want to do everything that we can to keep our little ones healthy and happy. But come winter, that becomes more of a struggle. Especially as there are so many different strains of common viruses floating around. However, by taking note of the advice above, you can lower the chances that your children will become unwell this winter.


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